Feb 9, 2007

feb 8, 2006

been 1 year since i quit working from a real normal/typical company.
how time flies so fast!! i remember, i sort of tell myself and the
people that i'd have my life back after 2 years. because back then,
every time there's some office/department outing, i always have an
excuse. working before made me non-existent at home, thus i make sure
every free time i had was spent at home or with kids thus no room for
outing whatsoever with officemates/friends. my always promise to them
was that after 2 years, once i have my life back, i'll join every
outing they'll have. but i quit even before i hit the 1 year...

what change within a year? i don't know. maybe fatter. and, no more
office drama/chismis and some real big people to talk to. =)

from this... yagit

to this... more yagit


nina lorraine said...

i can see my childhood in your kids rose. The only difference is that i was older than my bro. but before at that age, we use to play alot. just the two of us.. hehe wait till mga 6 or 7, cge oud away.. hehehe ;)

in flowerchild said...

same here. i left political world 1 year already last feb, corporate world dind't have luck on me either, i quit it too. its better when you take charge of your own time. no emergency phone calls from the bosses just when you are too drunk to answer.

rose buenconsejo said...

tood, nins no. 1 year apart ra ba sad mo sa imo bro? bisan at this age, gubot na au sila 2 oy... cge away...

rose buenconsejo said...

diin ka connected b4, bet? naa ra ka whole time nag stay sa danao karon?

in flowerchild said...

right after college i worked in a stocks exchange in makati (this was the time when bong and i eloped which explains my absence during the graduation march), but got so fuckin bored in manila its so metropolitan god! then i worked for a congressman for 4 years.was disillusioned by our country's political system, got front seat view on how corrupted the system really is so i quit it yeah...i got bored. then worked as esl teacher. now i only worked part time (tue a nd thu ra)as esl teacher at northgate blg. most of the time im in danao, duol man dagat, b ukid , and carve spot so i play most of the afternoons. naa pud ko shop i teach english online every night (except tue and thu) sa shop ra namu. now you know my schedule!hahaha.

in flowerchild said...

i have a brother too, and pagkabata namu pareha pud me ni meg and migi until now he is my bestfriend. wedd is too, but she was suffering from mild autism so it was really hard to get into her. haha

rose buenconsejo said...

wow! so bag-o lng diay ka nabalik from mla... that's why murag way sign of u here sa cebu =) exciting life! =)

prehas na diay taga north. naay dsl na sa danao? kinsa imo provider? curious lng, might be interested of getting the house and lot there (wishful thinking). the internet is one of the major factors.. =)