Feb 8, 2007

MV Doulos

Last Sunday, we, whole family, went there. I'd say it was not a good idea! The queue was quite long, place is so packed... (I should've listened to Mark.)

I don't know why so many people are there - must be lack of place to go, just out of curiosity, cebu people are voracious readers now, it's weekend? =) I think my feeling was the same with the rest of the people there when they see the crowd. hahaha... Mark said he didn't understand why college boys are seriously looking at children's books -- it can be they're trying to make most out of the situation.

Much worse is that I bought 2 children's books which can just be found in National Bookstore. so lame of me... =) Well, can be same reason with the college boys.


in flowerchild said...

ah! i was planning to go there with friends but played carving and lost track of the time. i think every 5 yrs ra na sila mu visit sa cebu. 10 yrs ago, i think, i went there with my sister. lingaw man coz they give you cookies (nanghatag gihapon sila?) and maka interact ka sa mga volunteers. the idea of floating library maybe fascinated these people thus explains the en masse.

rose buenconsejo said...

10 years ago? hischool ta? i remember nakaadto ko college... pero d man to daghan tawo.

wa nay cookies... though they gave out this free religious books...