Feb 6, 2007

positively preggers

it's not that it's a shocker but i was constantly denying that it's going to happen... for my own selfish reasons. =(

Migi's Ate Mona is pregnant. She's been with us since Migi's day 1. Somehow, we're dependent on her, we're used to having her around -- putting order to chaos. I feel very secure leaving the kids to her (more secure leaving the kids to her than Mark). She's smart and experienced -- she's really God-send angel to our family. =) We're spoiled. I'm ashame to admit but she knows Migi better than us -- they have this connection. She's like the mother to our kids while Mark and I are more like friends to our kids. (how bad parents we are.)

God has reasons for throwing this to us. One, this would definitely force me to be a real mother to my kids instead of hiding behind Ate Mona's skirt when things get out of control. This can be exagerration but this happens once in awhile.

I wonder how Migi will take it. Is he too young to notice it? But I hope he'll remember her - I'll make sure of that.

I pray that every thing goes well with her pregnancy. She's having difficulty conceiving, so definitely this baby is a blessing. This is her 2nd child after 8 years. Of course, we'll be here for her and her family whatever happens. =) except that I already gave away migi and meg's baby stuffs, ggrrrr...


Therese Habana said...

wa na ka'y plano manganak usab rose? bitaw uy, i remember being clingy to my 'nanay' that's how i called my yaya auntie. most of our help in the house were relatives. so they usually visited us every so often. i've always thought i have this power to stop my nanay from marrying hehehe!!!

kabaw ka rose, abi gyud nako ikaw ang preggers =D

rose buenconsejo said...

waaahh... ayaw sa ko. simbako tawn! hadlok ko matakdan lagi.

she's actually a distant relative ni mark so magkita ra japon cguro mi. possessive lagi si migi sa iya ate mona. medyo concern ko unsa nya iya reaction. if ever man gali naa, i hope maka adjust ra syag tarong. (ako man cguroy maglisod og adjust.)

mura ka anak ni kris aquino, mas mosugot sya nga magminyo si kris kay sa iya yaya. =)

maau ka kay wa jud kay kailog sa attention ni akio. =)

Therese Habana said...

i want akio to have a playmate rose =D

mimi herrera villaruel said...

ako sad, thought ikaw ang preggers rose.

i dread the day when our helper and yaya will leave us to get married. hehe, selfish :)

rose buenconsejo said...

minyo na hinoon ni amo mga helps. =)

lisod man gud mangita ron oy. nya kapoy sad ilis2x.

rose buenconsejo said...

usa ray tubag ana, tres. manghuran si akio! =) lingaw bya tan-awon 2 kabook mag kitiw2x. =)

Therese Habana said...

yes rose, plano pa. kanang mahiluna na nya mi. sundan na =D