Feb 23, 2007

small talks (me, me, and me)

celebrity sighting
or used-to-be pseudo celebrity. i saw john hall twice. he was paged thus i came to know he's john hall. for those who don't know him, he was with aubrey miles in a movie (ekis -- i'm not sure) and was rumored to be her boyfriend. and, i think he's a model also. he has 'Christopher Hall' tattooed on his right arm. i wonder if it's his real name.

swallow-me-earth moments*i once tripped on the treadmill. sarah geronimo was showing on TV, and i closed my eyes trying to feel her music so i would come to like her. nakarma ko!
*i bumped into the glass door of leaveland as in super loud. all i was able to do was utter sorry then walk fast away.

7 weeks, 3 lines down on the weighing scale. yay! it's like 1lb/2 weeks. hard-earned lose! at this rate, it would take me like 5 months to lose 10lbs. and i need to like get rid of many many 10-lbs. i'd probably be 30 years old when i'd finally reach my ideal bmi. anorexia, come help me! =)

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