Feb 3, 2007

eeewww eeeewwww

We just found out that meg has lice/kuto/lusa. I kind of freaked out -- i felt like where did i go so wrong? i mean it's so basic, and i can't even have it right. To sort of make me feel not so bad, they'd tell me it's normal for kids to have kuto. Yes, it's normal for school-age kids but not for 1-year old kids. This is my first time to see a 1-year old kutoon. =)

Anyhoo, the doctor prescribed this Kwell shampoo. Sheesshhh, it's freaking expensive. I didn't know shampoo for kuto is expensive. It's P189 for 60ml -- as in gamay ra au sya. Just enough for meg. So to de-lice everybody in the household, i'll buy the old reliable sulod!

Quoted from the box of the shampoo: 'contrary to popular belief, lice tend to prefer clean rather than dirty hair' -- so i/you can't say that my kid is untidy. =) At least this gives me some relief... My mistake is just giving too many baths to my kids. =)

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nina lorraine said...

seriously? arteha gud diay anang mga kuto gud.. hehehe