Apr 3, 2007

2 terrible 2s (The Toy Story 1)

From DrGreene:

in our household, it all started:

Meg’s enlightenment vs Migi = the world
revolves around me

Since Meg
realized that she also has rights and starts exercising them, peace is nowhere
to be found in the buen household.

Migi can just snatch whatever meg is playing/holding. Meg has no qualm giving up; end of story. But since meg is an
enlightened toddler, you know already what will happen next. There will be some
tug-of-war then sometimes exchange of physical blows. Finally, one is victorious.
The loser will then cry and won’t stop unless she/he gets what she/he wants.
sometimes they'd play it not so obvious and they go into 'pabikil'
style. In between 'pabikil,' you'll hear crying and gibberish arguments
containing a-yaw, no, bowow (borrow), ambi, migi ni, maa-ma.

to solve this? I'm still looking for the answer. Playing fair does not
bring peace. Why?

  1. If fair means giving the toy to
    the rightful owner, it will not make the other calm down.
  2. If
    fair is giving them each a similar toy, forget it. They would like to
    have what the other one is holding. They have this

Since life
is not fair, I seize the toy or whatever they’re fighting about. As they would
say remove the root cause of the problem. Ending, two kids crying and bawling. If
I’m in the good mood, I’d try to calm them down. But if I’m in terrible-2 mood
also, I’ll let them be. Let them solve their own conflict. =)
This sounds petty, but imagine handling two creatures ruled only by their IDs every single day.


nina lorraine said...

sheesh.. shyet! you make it sound so difficult.. or is it really that difficult? hehehe :p

Ashley Icamen said...

haha, luv ur kids, rosie!
as in, gibberish arguments gyud!