Dec 18, 2014

So why?!?

I canceled Runnilla 2015. I just had to make the hard call.

There were to-do items for the event that i scheduled to be done this week. And looking at it, there's just no way i can finish them this week. Bringing them over to next year, i'm going to be in such a juggle hustle that i will be really spreading my self so thin (hopefully, "thin" will also apply literally.) 

The previous night, i was rummaging thru my purse when i saw my mother's doctor's order. It was to get my mother's medical record in PSH, which i have been missing to do for a month already. So it kind of remind me of all those personal things/ family matters that i missed to do because of a very "busy" year of promoting fun runs. And then there's the kids' exams, and then mati's still lagging behind his reading skill, the Christmas week which  we don't really prepare for but nevertheless i feel the pinch of totally missing it, and all little details that have to take a back seat because of all the fun runs / racing events i'm helping with.

I guess i'm really bad at managing time, or delegating task which i dunno to whom should i delegate them to. I guess i'm just not really fit to organize races. 

To which i'm reminded that i miss running, i miss writing without selling or promoting any thing but just the story.

I do really feel bad about it because it was not just the race that i gave up. I gave up also on the dream of being able to put Cebu as an outdoor/trail adventure destination, of promoting that "mainstream" kind of outdoor community. But at the end of the day, there's probably another way of doing it.

So for now, i'll stuff my "misery" with junkfood while Mark celebrates that i'm finally over with my frenzy.

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