Dec 10, 2014


Meg and I were in a yoga class with a substitute teacher. Then we got into this headstand pose part.

Other yoga teachers, that i'm familiar w/, know that i don't do headstand. I keep telling them that headstand is my 2020 goal. And so they would not mind me with headstand.

So anyhoo, this new teacher came to me to assist me, and i told her that i'd just pass. Then she asked how many yoga sessions I had attended. And, it made me realized that it's been some time ago already that i started yoga. I started yoga to prepare for my 1st AWUM, all-women ultra. So it was like almost 3 years ago.

Then i felt lame. @.@ Because i realized that some of my "class mates" when i started are already yoga teachers, and vegan convert. While, i'm still struggling doing a decent downward dog. @.@

On the other thought, it's meg's 3rd session. :) And I'm kind of oblige to do this headstand just to show to Meg that her mother is not that lame. @.@

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