Jun 12, 2015

Plus Size: Fashion Tips

Back when I was "skinny," finding a jeans that fits me perfectly was already a struggle. I did not find any thing that fits me well ( it means finding it at Gaisano Colon.) because my butt is just so huge. Anyhow to go around it back then, i go for bigger size jeans. They always feel awkward (well, i'm always awkward in all angles) like it perfectly hugs my butt but the rest are too big so it's like i was always "hiphop." But i love jeans because it's probably the only clothing item i can recycle for a month which is necesarry when you live in a boardinghouse who does not allow "washing clothes."

Anyhow, fast forward, i graduated, got a job, then got pregnat, married, pregnant and pregnant, and remained pregnant-looking... It's when i discovered that there are Jeans for pregnant! Wowww! Where was it my whole life?!?

So for some time, i always got my jeans from the maternity section. Until, i stumbled at Giordiano. I think along the way, Giordano made their jeans sizing "bigger." After years of buying it from the maternity section, being able to buy jeans in a "normal" store really fondles my ego well. 

I made this post because yesterday, I made a trip to the store because "ang tapak sa buslot sa akong mga karsones kay nanga buslot." The jeans got tired of me, and so I was. (Quality-wise, Giordano does not hold up that much or it's just my huge ass and thighs. They last 3 years with me though. Or Maybe i should stop wearing them for 1 month unwashed.)

And I got a free notebook.

So there goes my fashion blog. :)

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