Jun 26, 2015

Mother-daughter Career Talk

Last few days, this was Meg's random announcement to the family.

The other boys also have their own career talk. But they're not cute like Mateo does not want to be a "worker because it's too slow," "businessman is too hard," "so he might as well just steal." While Migi (giving advice to Mateo) is about "you cannot make money from playing games. you can make money by making games." I'm not really sure what goes inside Migi's mind but somehow he seems to be sensible bordering to boring about things. And, this is not really surprising to come from the boys when they have a shrewd father (*joke*).

So back to Meg on wanting to be an artist, maybe because she just came from her art summer class, and she has been begging to be enrolled for a weekend class. It's an indirect way of her asking us to get into the art class. Honestly, her teacher's great (google Artastic as recommended by a lot of friends). If only, her art class is somewhere in Consolacion where we can just "uber tricycle" her to the class.

Anyhow, the "publisher" is probably from the many books she read or maybe from youtube. I used to worry about her consuming "trashy" literature from a whimpy boy to a bratty dork. But with the many many books she gobbled, I could no longer keep up checking which one to be consumed and not. And, honestly, I'm just glad there are some books who can shut her up for awhile.

Since no one in the family is an artist or a publisher, we just could not carry on a conversation with her. But there's something about it that it keeps playing over and over in my head. And, AHA, I realized that I've been for some time toying the idea of being a "publisher." I mean, the serious type of publishing where you do it from Day 1 to make money. Not the, because "this is my passion, I write about it, publish about it" kind of publisher.

But I have never done it because I could not quite wrap my head around it of how do you really do it.

So back to Meg, I hope she could figure herself around it. And, then maybe soon I can ask her for some career advice.

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