Jun 10, 2015

Japanese-ish Hole-in-the-wall

I was in Mabolo area earlier, and I happened to chance upon Joed's Lutong Hapon (hapon as in japanese). However popular Joed is, I probably had dined only once in it. That's when they had a branch in Capitol area, near cebu doc and Sacred Heart - Hijas. And i was not really so raved about it. I found their Dishes to be too on the sweet side. It's probably the Pinoy side of the chef showing on the food.

Anyhow, I dunno how the food (i mean i dunno how japanese their japanese dishes are) is in the Mabolo branch but the interior "design" has more character compared to their Capitol branch before. It's Like a typical any other hole-in-the-wall japanese(-themed) cafe / restos in cebu.

I love that messy kind of feel / look. 

Cafe Egao has this feel, and also Micky's Cafe. But with a little less clutter though.
There's something charming about uncoordinated / childish kind of decors and arrangement. They feel more authentic, and probably because there is less pressure to act proper.
I mean if these restos were humans, they're probably the kind I want to be and I want to be with. #chos

Like a true food blogger, please watch out for my review of these places. :)

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