Nov 5, 2013

Project Wolverina

I really felt like throwing up everytime i see the kettle balls. It was my first time to ever lift weights, & also pull myself on a TRX.

Anyhoo, I was glad to tag along with Mareee Flor at EPIC (see photo below for the complete name) to try their free trial.

I've been meaning to really work on my core strength but I just haven't that "program" that I could sustain. So I guess I finally found the one.

It actually feels like yoga, only much intense. Though, I haven't moved up the ladder of yoga so that's why. I'm still hoping I could still find time to insert some yoga session. 

I read this somewhere 

"speed is build from strength which is build from endurance." 

I'm proud to say I have an endurance of a carabao, but strength is still hard to find. :)

Thanks much to Mareee for tagging me along! 

Photo from Flor. 

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