Nov 15, 2013

My Hero's Hero

Last last weekend, we brought kids to Camotes Island. On our last day, Meg almost drowned when she tried to save Mati from drowning when he went to the deeper part of the pool. She was not bringing a kickboard because Mati used it, which he slipped off from thus prompted Meg to get him.

Meg knows basic swimming. But Mati "piggyback" on her, thus resulted to her almost drowning. 

Mark was far from the pool. Migi was just on the way to the pool. I was the farthest from the pool. 

Thank God, a lady who was at the side of the pool noticed, and saved my Meg, inlcuding Mati.

Thank you very much to her! I seriously forgot her name! :( 

Funny how trivial it is to think of it now. Nevertheless, thank you very much!

By the way, Camotes Island is also badly hit by Yolanda. If you have any thing to share, you know the drill. For a start, you can check

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