Mar 2, 2015

Canso X: Over the hills to the creek for a Family Photo

This is probably our 3rd complete family photo courtesy of our guides.

"Ma,am, picture-an ta mo diri kay mura naa mo sa forest," the guide said to us and so we assemble for a family photo.
This is our 2nd attempt at trekking in Canso X, a nature park in Balamban, Cebu maintained by Aboitiz Land. The first one did not push thru because there were no guides available. So better make an appointment first with them.
With Manong Roy, one of our guides. Canso X assigned two guides for us because they're throwing extra cautious for us because we have kids.
Mati is always the how-to-be-a-child in this family. He is that kid who would jump without thinking.

Meg whose goal was to find a "Rocky" replacement found a heart-shaped stone.

After the quick dip, we went back. Canso X's concerned with Mateo, they did not allow us beyond the creek to do the canyoneering, rappeling. Anyhow, it was still worth it.
Someone bonked from the adventure rush.
Thanks to our Canso X guides. They're actually part of Aboitiz Land security team who were trained to be trail guides.
Next up we'll be camping. Canso X has available tents for rent, ranging from P200 up.

Canso X admin contact: Sir Raffy (0930) 476 2207 ( just text him because signal is flaky, he cannot receive calls)

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