Mar 12, 2015

Kapehan Ceferina: Coffee Snob 101

I'm way off from my food blogging target so here's my first for March.

First thing, is coffee food? It probably falls under the beverage in "food and beverage." So let me be then a food and beverage blogger.

If the "tea culture" was popularized here via milk tea, does it follow that frapuccino/blended coffee drinks is to coffee?

Now will I or majority ever be a tea fanatic minus the milk? So goes for coffee, will majority be still a coffee drinker minus the whipped cream? (Pls allow the milk in coffee pls.)

So the coffee is good at Kapehan Ceferina, one of the very few 3rd-wave coffee places in Cebu. but how do I explain it to my other friends so that I could invite them? I think i still do have friends yow. :)

So hey, you should try this handcrafted coffee because handjob is just yummy. This "pour over" coffee has "cleaner" taste granting that you're a pressed coffee drinker. And, Sagada beans never fail to be smooth - you know that right level of bitterness. They have other kinds of beans too.

And you know selfie hashtag #coffeesnob #coffeeislife #goblack.

Sorry, I'm bad at this so just go over to Kapehan Ceferina every Sunday at J Centre Mall (lobby area), and just learn from Paolo Lim the art of coffee snob. Then, you can start your conversation with what's the altitude level your beans came from?

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