Mar 10, 2015

International Women's Day: 50 shades of grey

I just realized that I watched 50 shades during the Women's Day. It took me this long to watch it not because of negative reviews or because it's p0rnish but I was thinking it must be just some p0rn version of Twilight. I mean that I don't want to watch an expressionless sex-y movie.

With all the bad reviews of the movie, I was disappointed that I find it not really that bad. And, it's far from being evil. I saw one movie (i think it was french film) about BDSM, it was even more "scary" that 50 Shades seemed to be more tamed. 

In short, 50 Shades of Grey is actually just a sex flick which used BDSM as an excuse to make a movie about people fxcking - to add relevance to it than just sex. 

What bothers me with the movie is Its consistency of letting Grey play piano after he tie and slap anastasia, then Anastasia will then come down from the stairs wearing almost nothing. It probably happens 3 times in the entire movie.

And who was the friend of Grey's mom who he had a BDSM relationship in the past who he blamed for becoming who he is? Now i want to read the books to find out. But maybe someone can save me from it.

The point of this "review" is that #50shadesofgrey is not that evil for my taste, and well, it's a sex movie with cars & helicopters. Either way, you have nothing to lose when you watch or not.

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