Mar 19, 2015 Kapihan: That 1st Time

I felt funny happy about the event earlier today, Kapihan. I was secretly wishing that the idea would just be folded, and it would not push thru because it was decided on a whim.  

It's another thing to be hosting about running or fun run, from "facilitating" a more serious topic like "marketplace." The thought of maybe the event would call for me to talk about GDP or inflation/deflation scared me! @.@ 

Anyhow, it happened. And, it's overwhelming to see that it worked. Thing is it never had some any thorough planning or serious discussion of how to execute it. When I got into the venue, I was doubly intimidated because it was probably better than Kris Aquino's show. 
Then somehow every thing and every one fell into its right places. 

The did its magic. The for the Kapihan logo. Then there was Dulce of crea8tech for the whole technical side of livestreaming it, and Tina and Francis. The thirdteammedia doing the online social spreading remotely. 

And, I'm just so happy that Regina Aguilar and Gerald Yuvallos were able to smoothly pull it off despite that there's a bit of having the audience caught off-guard with the event.

And, also big thanks to all the friends from media, press, blogging / online communtiy for supporting it. 

And, oh Harolds Hotel, thank you for your roofdeck. :)

A summary sort-of write-up at soon!

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