Mar 22, 2015

1st World Pains: Wild Movie

I noticed I came across a lot of this type of movie about "meaning of life" lately: like Boyhood, Birdman, and Wild. And, unknowingly they're popular at Oscars. Either, they're what's readily available or they're the latest phase people (in 1st world or hollywood at least) are into. People have so much, material-wise or at least the basic need, that there's no need to struggle to live, and so you move on to looking for a bigger struggle - the meaning of life.

There were a few other movies I watched before (forgot the titles) about meaning of life which can come across as boring; they're probably the kind of movies that unless you went thru it that you will appreciate it more: the subtleness of it, the read-between-the-lines meaning of it.

I was thinking that "looking for one self/meaning of life" is like on the highest level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, and let's admit that in our country, majority are still on the basic needs or maybe just over the basic needs which i guess explains the majority of the commercial local movies we have. And, i'm wondering if one's "level in maslow's hierarchy needs" will affect how he/she percieves/appreciates this kind of movie. Because, unlike rom-con or action movies, i still find this "meaning of life" movies bordering on "boring" because my reaction will tend to be like "wtf, other people are more miserable than your i-walk-on-foot-1k-miles-to-find-myself issues."

So to the Wild movie, I love Reese Witherspoon and I love endurance sports/adventure, and dreaming I could one day do that trekking minus search-for-self goal. So even if I'm still faking it into the highest level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, I still love the movie and I love Reese Witherspoon in it. I mean i had seen other PTC (Pacific Crest Trail) adventure documentaries, and she does look the part of those "normal people hikers" that the movie felt like it's a documentary, which in a way it is because it's based on a memoir. 

So based on my needs, Wild is awakening my desire to selfie in the wild, which probably shows i'm still on the very basic need level - ATTENTION. 

(Me selfie in the manicured wild)


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