Feb 28, 2015

The (Job) Interview

Coming from a hyperfocused year to literally nothing, I finally have lots of spare time... to think of unnecessary thoughts like:
* midlife crisis, or make it midlife desparation
* age-ing mother to "partially" support (think "emergency" medical needs. thankfully, none!)
* an empty bank account, or make it non-existent bank account

Of course, there are lot to be thankful too: my messy children who makes me feel seriously i'm so lucky to have them but demmit i seem to always screw up as a mother, a great support system aka the Ates, a loving husband with a confused wife. 

It's probably cute when I'm 25 but I'll be 35 next year. Wtf, grow some spine, girl!

So to make life productive, I divert myy few minutes of mindless scrolling of twitter or whatever social media app I fingered on to downloading job sites, made up my resume, and clicking "Apply" button on all the jobs listed. I specially take pleasure clicking "apply" button for jobs that stated for 18-25 years old, and prefer fresh graduates. Because it's not funny to be reminded of my age. (hope no HR will read this)

Anyway, I never thought joblisting apps work but they seem to work. I got a few invitations for interview, and schedule for exams with matching reviewer. 

Suddenly life has a new purpose -- showing up on job interviews. Come to think of it, when are we given that much privilege of being interviewed? Well, it's not going to be printed on mags or shown on TV, but for someone to bother to ask boring details like your age, your expected salary, your experience, and why did you leave your jobsss -- it's an opportunity. I mean attention is a core factor to being alive!

Job interview is also a learning experience like I realized that I left jobs because I gave birth, then I gave birth, then the husband became some sort of my boss. Well, at least the HR will feel more secure hiring me because I will no longer give birth (3 cs=ligation).

It's been a long time that I go thru the typical process of hiring. The recent previous ones were like working for friends so I kind of skip the formality of hiring process, the need to dress up, filling out a form, being asked to sit down to wait for your turn to talk to an HR. It felt so was #throwback. 

It's just funny weird now that I'm older like what was the HR all about -- to screen my command of English? I'm not underestimating them. But I mean I cannot ask them in great details about the work I'm applying for because it's not their job what i'm applying for, so they're just really there to screen my English and my expected salary, and how many years I plan to stay with them? On the other thought, the HR helps a lot the bosses in screening out the BS applicants like me who just randomly press the 'Apply' button.

Anyhow, I greatly appreciate the Marketing head of TAFT properties for being hands-on in interviewing her applicants. It's different when I got to talk to the person involved becuase you can ask a lot of details of the work, and learn in the process.

It was a quick fun. But for now, I'm taking a pause and deleting the Job Listing app. On the other thought, it's still productive to be updated of the current workforce needs of the local businesses.

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