Feb 2, 2015

Caste System in Video Games

Mateo has been for a long time very proud in telling everyone that he's going to be a "miner" (think minecraft). He's going to have lots of diamonds. It's a serious matter for him because he makes sure that everyone knows about it every time he has a chance to announce his miner goal.

It seems he also knows what is really a miner. Once, I overheard him that he does not want to be a scientist because scientist is a "builder," not a miner.

The other day, I overheard a conversation among the three, Migi, Mateo, and Meg.  Mateo was playing some platformer video game ala minecraft, probably showing off his mining skill. Meg, the big sister, is probably concerned with Mateo's "miner" dream, and tried to give him some pep talk.

Meg (in a soft serious low voice): Mat, di man na maimo ang imong gi-mine. Ihatag man na nimo sa manager.
Migi: Bitaw, Mat, pag manager na lang.
Mateo, after staring at his two siblings, confused: Bahala na. Mag miner japon ko.

I did not know that even in minecraft there's such thing as manager.


In another conversation, yes,  Mateo still playing video game.

Mark: Mat, ngano gihurot man nimo imong money palit og mga stuff? Pag save sad.
Mateo: Okay ra. Naa man ko "job."

Oh, even in video games, you have a job? @.@

Goodluck to this kid.

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