Feb 13, 2015

Kids Bohol Trip Day 1: bohALL-in-1

(Random photos from the celphone.)

Pier 1 has this brand new shuttle, even if the boat was only 300 meters away. 
Tubigon has now McDo. The M sign was so visible even from the boat you just have to get inside it after getting out of the boat.
Then to the 1st item of the itinerary checklist: Sagbayan Peak. 
It has too many attractions that it felt like we already toured the whole Bohol, and we can now go back home to Cebu.
I handed Meg my point and shoot, and so she's the new designated photographer.
Side-by-side with Mark, yet another photographer.
So today, I learned that tarsier is not a monkey.
Then, to another item on the checklist: the original Chocolate Hills. It has sooo many tourists in all forms, from Korean to European. This is the first time I saw sooo many tourists in one day in a small island. (According to the resort staff because it's Chinese New Year.)
Man-made forest ✅
The Loboc Church in ruins. :(
And, the much deserved Bee Farm ice-cream ✅ :)

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