Feb 15, 2015

Kids Bohol Trip Day 2: Valentines Day

It's probably winter / vacation season in other countries now that Bohol is so packed with them. Or it's my first time to be in Bohol in a weekend. 

The vans, or vehicles in all forms and sizes including tricycles, for tourists were all zooming from one item on their tour list to another.

Glad that we came early for the Loboc Cruise River because it was all jampacked when we got out.

Loboc river is beautiful but the cruise is just if-you-can-skip-it-then-better-skip-it. I mean there's another way to experience the river than being like in a feeding outreach program. I just don't get why we're required to pay for their "buffet" with a menu that's best to be experienced in a carenderia, while being "serenaded" destroying the peace and quite the river has to offer. I'm not bashing the food but with all the selfies taken in a day on that river, I wonder where the leftovers go to - there's probably a dumpsite exclusive for the Loboc River Cruise buffet leftover. (But hey, whatever economic profit for the community (environment?), might as well support it.)
But no photo app can beat this photographer's business, instant print-out while you take your selfie. She has this small printer with her on the boat. :)
And, Mark really enjoys this luxury, and he makes sure every person he brings to Bohol must experience this. For him, it's the best representation of Filipino culture: eat-all-u-can food even if you don't need it, music to provide shock and awe while appreciating the quite river, and photo shooting. It's the perfect place to be ourselves.  
The most coveted spot of the banca.
Butterfly Sanctuary which has lots of dead butterflies being displayed. I think it's better that way to at least protect the living butterflies. 
At the cafe of the butterfly sanctuary (Biliran),
After this, it was then Alona BEach. This is my 3rd time here, and it was my first time to it's filled to the rim with people, especially foreigners. Meg exclaimed that jt's her first time to see lots of "amerikano."

(malalaki ang galit sa init!)
Kids are probably "big" now except for Mateo. The only kid who dared to get naked changing for his "swim shorts" in the public place.
(tables everywhere in the afternoon)
Alona is nevertheless beautiful. Well, I think any beach is. (Demmit, make up your mind, Rose! I'm just not really a big beach person.)

I was hoping to try other beaches in Panglao but for kids, all beaches are the same -- they're all meant to be enjoyed
Surfer dude with a book @.@
And that girl by the beach reading a book @.@
And, oh that girl crocheting on the beach too! 

from Loboc River Cruise love songs...
from the flower of Butterfly Sanctuary in Biliran...
from the red balloons at Alona Beach...
and the sunset ( minus the sun) at Bee Farm.


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