Feb 11, 2015

Movie Review: That Thing Called Tadhana

I'm adding movie blogger / critic / reviewer or whatever you call it to my portfolio.
We were planning to go to Baguio this month but I guess money matters or whatever, it did not push thru. It's one of the reasons why I got interested with the movie since I cannot go to Baguio, maybe the movie can fill it up for me.

And, I was not disappointed. The movie was exactly like a checklist of the many travellers' itinerary in Baguio I had read: drink strawberry taho, burnham park, that art museum, cafe by the ruins, session road, etc were all covered with a bonus of Sagada side trip.

There was no mug shot in Baguio that happen (which was I planned in my itinerary) but the movie totally make it up by doing one in Sagada.

So I think it's a worth the while movie though I wish it had a more intelligent conversation script but hey, it's a Romantic comedy.

And, I could not get why Angelica was in flipflops when she was all-covered with shawl knowing that she just came home from Rome, which I assumed is a cold country.

All in all, unmarried individuals who do not have to deal with raising kids and paying bills will totally dig it. 

It made me wonder what if Up Dharma Down would make the script?

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