Feb 4, 2015

gaisano country mall: 60-minute foodie

"If you can fill the unforgiving minute 
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,   
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it," - Rudyard Kipling, If

My Wednesday afternoon fate is sealed, maybe until March, to be in the UC BANILAD-CEMPARK area. I need to bring Mateo for reading remedial at The Resource Room. If you need some reading "intervention," TRR is a good place. They started when the founder had a child who's dyslexic. So they specialize in kids who has special needs in reading.

Anyway, Mateo's sched is 1hour every Wednesday. So I have 60minutes of what-to-do-while-waiting. It's too long to be staying in that place, but too short to go somewhere or bring some task to do. There's nothing nearby except for closed restaurants. 

My nearest options are BTC and Countrymall. But Countrymall seems to be nearer especially that I found a shortcut. :)
It's been a long time to be back in Countrymall. Any Cebuano knows that if all things fail, you might find it in Country mall. Well, I found another yarn place. But i held myself from gettinf any thing because we have quite a hoard yet.
So what bored soul would do, go to the food court. Well, there's actually less occupants in the food court now. But Country mall has always been a place for fishballs/tempura/squidball and those "tusok2x streetfood" variety for me.
I did not like the fried siomai though.
I found this coffee card at Dunkin Donut booth, which made me wonder if I were to get a place in this food court for a coffee shop, how many cups of coffee should I sell just to break even? 
It was what I was trying to solve on my way back to get Mateo with 2 strawberry-flavord donuts, his favorite flavor.

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