Feb 1, 2015

project #uglysocks

I'm a sucker for socks, cutesy-tootsy socks. I used to have loads of these Tigger, winnie the pooh, rainbow-colored socks way back. But I no longer have them except for those "pasalubong" of knitted socks from Baguio, which a workmate gave to me long time ago before I was married.

Because I got married, have 3 kids, and I forgot about socks. When you got pregnant, then have babies after one another, life got sucked up, and so the socks too.

So I guess that's why when I'm trying this "crochet" thing, I cannot help but gravitate towards socks that I'm actually getting an ebook that is all about SOCKS, "Interweave Crochet Presents a Step-By-Step Guide to Crochet Socks with 5 Staff Favorite Patterns." @.@

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