Feb 15, 2015

Kids Bohol Trip Day 3: Boholano Stereotype?

While passing time at the Garden Cafe in Tagbilaran, window viewing, people watching, it got me thinking what's the stereotype for the Boholanos? 

It's a Sunday, after some time looking at the people that come and go inside the restaurant, I realized they're 90% local residents of Tagbilaran, and 80% came from the church. 

So I assumed that the Garden Cafe is the Sunday go-to of churchgoers. Mostly who came in were families: from the grandparents down to the apo. There were foreigners but it looked like they're husbands of local Boholanas so they were not who we met during the "tour."
Mark seemed to be a big Bohol fan. I dunno how many times he's been here. But I'm indifferent. Because I do not really know what to look forward to in Bohol except for staying in Nuts Huts in Loboc maybe.

But going home, we took the eastern side going to Tubigon, it's more peaceful compared to the western side where every town has a tourist spot. The eastern side seemed to have "beware tourist spots because we're happy to farm" attitude. 
I would not mind living in this area while Mark can go back and forth to Cebu City to "farm." Tubigon's just an hour boat ride anyway (It's more or less the same travel time from Consolacion to Cebu City though he has to go thru the traffic from pier to Lahug). :)
This trip's made possible via Lite Shipping. Cargo shipping from Tubigon, Bohol to Cebu is daily 7am & 7pm (vice versa). It's around 2hour travel time. Car fare rate is around P2500 (got a discount so cannot figure out the regular rate).

Salamat for the discount! :) #chos
(Meg and her extra baggages, her piggy stuffed toy.)

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