Feb 9, 2015

What does #PMS (Pre-menstrual syndrome) feel like?

It's uncontrollable feeling of misery and self-pity for me, that I question my self-worth over french fries.

We were in Parkmall yesterday to buy some hamster food but to no avail. The kids asked for french fries so I proceeded to withdraw money from the ATM, when it was empty. And, I felt like bawling on the floor.

I was not sad that I didn't have money. I was depressed that I cannot even buy french fries without asking money from other people. How did it ever reach that point?!? That I have to ask money even for my sanitary napkin (maybe the "sanitary" in sanitary napkin refers to women's sanity).

Then it would go spiral down digging up my past decisions, etc etc etc, then looking at the french fries booth being crowded and lined up by people... If they can buy french fries, why can't I?!? Am I really that dumb, why am I still permitted to be alive?

That's #PMS for me. It's unreasonably unreasonable like women. 

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