Sep 16, 2015

Guilty with Murder

"Are you just going to watch her die?!?"

Apparently, it looks like it. It was a friend's first reaction when I told him that we're no longer having treatment for my mother's cancer.

Just like we wait and watch getting pregnant and deliver a life, I guess that's how we do it also with death. I just take comfort in it that we're waiting for it like we wait for pregnancies. On the hindsight, life's kind of like that: we work and wait to see things happen except for death maybe.

Anyhow, For a change, it's not the usual "how are you?" questions I got. For those who messaged me with "how are you's?", I greatly truly appreciate the thought. But I'm sorry for not replying because I do not know what answer to give you.

As the Magalona sisters said, "Cancer is something you do not wish on any one even at your worst enemy." 

Not that i have enemies. But the point is cancer can be that overwhelming. Either you go for treatment or none, i feel like it needs a new level of "strong" to get thru it.

I'm grateful for my mother for somehow making it easier to all of us. 

Meanwhile, in this "overwhelming" situation, all I can muster to do is create dish scrubbies. It makes me look innocent. :) 

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