Sep 29, 2015

Osmena Blvd. Morning Walk

I wonder what is really the official name of this area. Is this Osmena Blvd., Jones Ave., or Fuente?

I formed a habit of morning walk for our length of our stay here in VCMC. I usually receive the med orders for my nanay from the hospital staff by 5am. That's when I leave the hospital room and walk to get the meds at VSMMC Pharmacy. 

Unlike in the middle of the day, the Osmena Blvd is quiet and cool during this time of the day. It makes the walk from one hospital to another one a pleasant experience. 

Seeing the warm gentle of the morning sun can make one pensive. 

If this was the Cebu Ctiy Marathon, this area is the last 4-5km stretch of the race route. That's when it feels so near, yet so far. It's when it's a mix of emotion of feeling the sweet victory and berating yourself of why did you voluntarily punish yourself for some i-dunno reason.

Marathon. "Death is not a sprint; it's a marathon," which I read somewhere. For me, this death from cancer can even feel like ultra trail marathon. At 5km, i already want to declare DNF (did not finish) / quit. But then in this kind of race, you really have no option. You did not opt to be in it, and you have no option to quit from it.

If you come to think of, death and life is similar in that you just cannot quit from it.

Which led me to think is there an easier way of dying? Is there a better sickness that would give me a less-suffering journey to death?

Then Seeing a soon-to-open Chow King resto along the way, I remember Kris Aquino and her mom, Cory Aquino. If Cory Aquino was able to get to the other life through her cancer, and Kris Aquino was able to pull it through her mom's ordeal, we definitely can do this.
My morning walk, it may start with confusing / emotionally debilitating thoughts but somehow, I always come home with a better feeling. Maybe it's because of the warm gentle sunshine, the P40 McDo coffee, the cheaper meds, or all of the above.

Or maybe it's because I feel I share something common with Kris Aquino - my claim to fame.  

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