Sep 4, 2015

Rainbow Cake for the Birthday Boss

I was planning for that always-available cake from the big-chain bakeshop for Meg's birthday. But she demanded a "rainbow cake" from Angelica's which would involved "heavy traffic" when getting it.

But Meg is the daughter that you cannot easily bargain with. If she's 18 years old now, I'd call her b!t(h. But she's only 10 years old, so i call her BOSSY."

She has this way of twisting (annoyingly) your fingers to get what she wants. 

So spell horror: She's the mini-me of the MIL. :) 
As always thank you to the enighborhood  kids for joining Meg in her 10th birthday celebratio .
The littlest boss from Brunei, Lia :)

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