Sep 8, 2015

Wok'd: The Search for the Best Pad Thai in Cebu

I once asked a friend, who expat-ed in Thailand for a few years, on which Thai resto in Cebu serves authentic Thailand Pad Thai. She said that she has not found one yet.

So it has been one of my missions to find that good Pad Thai locally, which brought me to the Wok'd, located in Streetscape / near Maria Luisa Village entrance, when I read in newspaper that the chefs are Thais.

Indeed the chefs are Thai. One of them was serving the dishes from time to time.

We ordered these sampler plate of appetizers (I think that's how you call them.). I found it too oily, as if I don't gorge on turon and pinaypay. :)
Then, the Pad Thai. It's probably the best looking pad thai I came across in Cebu.
I think it was owkei. I maybe need to go to Thailand, and taste one to become a legit judge. :) But for now, I'm happy to be mystified from the real taste.

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