Oct 19, 2015

The Martian (not a movie review)

(My Diaryhea Challenge got constipated. Well, at least I'm being consistent of being inconsistent.)

I watched The Martian because of Matt Damon, who's supposed to be my soulmate but somehow he got stucked in Mars. So instead, God sent me something close to "Matt" -- a "Mark."

I'm just not really into NASA, astronaut kind of nerdy stuff so I don't know what's the brilliant theory or idea they're trying to prove in that movie. Well, I learned that a farmer has a big potential of becoming an astronaut.

On a serious note, I don't know if USA/NASA saving one person out in Mars is heroic or ridiculous. And somehow it hit me on a personal note. Seeing how the whole USA rally to save that one person left in Mars, while I'm not doing any thing to save my mother.

It made me think that a lot of money to get 1 human at Mars? It can be ridiculous. Well maybe they can put it on saving cancer or sick patients or cancer meds research and save more. But then if cancer will be curable, another kind of level of disease will come up to haunt us.

Putting your colleagues at risk to get you at Mars? I thought Matt was a bit selfish. I want to say that Matt was being gay, but I don't want to use the word "gay" because I don't think being "gay" (sexual orientation) is coward. I was thinking Matt Damon should have insist that the script should be him going home on a more practical way. But hey, it's a movie.

It's just that I could not see the logic of putting a lot people at risk to save 1 human when the same group of people can also easily sent off people to war, and kill families with a bomb. Hello, America, you're being hypocrite.

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