Oct 7, 2015

Dessert Factory: yet another pad thai in Cebu

Before this, I don't know when was the last time I ate at Dessert Factory. Somehow, along the way, i was just no longer a big fan of sweets. That statement is probably a lie. But i guess with the many pastry shops popping up in Cebu, Dessert Factory went off my radar.

And when I tasted their food, I guess i knew why I had not visited it for a long time. Sadly, i just no longer find their food good.

It's sad because it's a Cebu resto. I used to see DF as at match of Bigby's but they somehow just was not able to keep up (based on my very highly sophisticated taste @.@ not that i'm a fan of Bigby's but somehow B's able to keep up with times).

Anyhow, their pad Thai made me want to cry. And the rest of the cakes, well my aunts were owkei with them. The green matcha tea was just too sweet and powdery.
Sorry for my not-so-good review. I should have just not post this but I need to keep up with my being foodie blogger. :)

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