Oct 22, 2015

Black and Yellow: expectation vs reality

I'm taking up crochet lately. Not really because I like it but it's the best way I can connect to my nanay, to while my time watching over her. I don't know if my nanay loves crochet but it's one of the childhood memories I have of her. She made me crocheted tops before if she's not crocheting some coasters or curtains.

Anyhow, I realized that to make beautiful crochet pieces, it can be either through beautiful stitches / patterns (albeit complicated, most of the time) or through color combinations of yarns. If you don't have any of these 2, don't despair because crocheted dishcloths do not need any of these 2 skills.

So in my case, beautiful complicated patterns always lost me so I tried going to color combination. I usually just randomly pick lively colors because they make my unusually quiet days alive. So one day, I feel like getting a color combination for my crochet piece to the tune of:
So I was crocheting away feeling like I'm on a roll in a black-and-yellow sports car, cruising with Whiz Kalifa's music in my head...
Then, my kids first impression when they saw my finished product black-and-yellow crocheted scrubbie was that it's a HONEY BEE! 

The color combination was supposed to feel this bad-ass:
But they only see Jollibee. @.@ 

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