Dec 31, 2015

That Year-end Post: BELEaN 2015

Every year always feel rough to me. With Mark's work (because there's no separation of work and personal or wharever you call that kind of life in this family), there's always the different rough brought by each year. Sometimes it's a failing business, "role" problem, and any thing in between. Life has always been a roller coaster for which is mostly dips.

I thought I went through it all kind of roughness that I felt nothing can break me any more.

Of course, as the saying goes, it does not get easier, you only get tougher or, in my case, things get tougher.

But this post is not about rough and tough. I forced myself to do this 2015 post so that I won't wallow much on the "rough" side.

First for having a mother who has been such a trooper. She definitely has the roughest edge but I know she's doing her best to make it easy for everyone except for her "OC-ness" with diapers. Though she won't say it, I know that she refused treatment because she does not want to bother us any more.  I'm probably more whining than her.

Second for having a wonderful support system. Buyag buyag! If there's one thing that we are most blessed about is for having wonderful Ate's. Everyone just restrategize on their own to help me thru it. And along the way, someone just wonderful would arrive to help us. Super buyag! I cannot thank God and the universe enough for the wonderful individual they send to us.

Third for the family. I mean my uncles and aunts. Being an only child, I really do not understand the role of siblings. So I was a having a hard time reaching out to them. I mean, are they supposed to be bothered? Anyhow, I'm thankful that they reach out to us. Also, I'm happy to learn "family." I realized that I have been distant from them for some time.

Fourth, my children. They're far from perfect but they're also been a trooper. 

And of course, the husband. Well, I just have to mention him as being the sole reader of this post. But yes, he's currently a single father on top of having to be my shock-absorber, and all other things. So in a way, i'm also thankful to his workmates for somehow putting up with his unusual working habits lately.

So the "Belen" drawing is made by Meg, and is probably the sole Christmas decor I put up. And I placed it in Nanay's room.

I want to nag Meg for missing out the 3 Kings on the drawing. But I just think of it that maybe they're missing in the picture because they're here with us to help us out.

There are other wonderful things that come with 2015 like re-learning what matters and not.

But for this post, before 2015 ends, I want to make a special
Mention of my gratefulness for being surrounded with sincere wonderful people. I hope we can also be that kind of blessing to them and others. 

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