Dec 3, 2015

Windows of Opportunity

After days of our discharge date being moved, 2 more sleeps and we'll have yet another weeksary of "staycation." Not that I am complaining.

So it's also been almost a week of staring at this view from the hospital room window to ease my mind, to break the monotony, to change "channels." 
A few men are working in the open area every day. Sometimes they "toil" the land, sometimes they "burn." Cheesy but the scene gives me a hope of better days to come -- my window of opportunity.

I remember this place used to have a "house" which housed "Chicken Inato" resto before Cebu became big city now. I'd been there a few times with relatives and friends. So that was the past -- a happy one for me.

It's present situation is emptiness / dismal state or i can look at it as better opportunities to come. 

What probably awaits for this in the future? 

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