Jan 3, 2014

How many tool boxes does a programmer need?

Some are hiding away
One tool box to remind him that "it's not about the gadgets." For the benefit of Mark, he was able to do some house repairs and fixings, which then needed to be repaired again by a real handyman Ken. Because all his carpentry hacks looked like of that someone from Grade 5 section 11.

One tool box to remind him of his dream, which will remain to be a dream for a long time. He dreams of having his own bike shop, or maybe just an excuse to buy bike stuff. Though he insists that it's not really about the bike or the bike shop, it's about FREEDOM. Either, it's just a romantic excuse of getting bike gadgets. 

A tool box of driller because, hey, it's a good 2-in-1 deal. He got a tool box and a set of driller. As a bonus, it may be a good paperweight.

A few tool boxes just because he happened to pass by it at a hardware store, and they looked swell. One can't have too many tool boxes for an apocalypse.

A few more tool boxes coming to remind him again and again that he is a programmer, and he better stick with "software," and leave the hardware to the real hard guys.

I tried to make sense with Mark's "slight" obsession with toolbox when, physically in the real world, he can be a lot of mess. Sometimes, I think of it that it's his way of trying to put order in his real world just like how he puts order in his "software" world.

Still, it can really get annoying!

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