Jan 25, 2014


When I go to a new place, the first thing I would look up / google is their coffee places. I probably make more fuss about where to get a coffee than where I could get an accommodation.

(Mr. Park's Bread and Cake, Angeles City)

So I thought why not I make one in Cebu. And, I realized that I have not really explore much coffee places in Cebu. I guess I got too comfortable with the usual routine that I have. It probably is just me but coffee experience in Cebu shops is like a hit and miss. So I don't really experiment much, and just stick with the usual, which are home and carebear's pantry. Gaaahhh!

And, there's just too many resto/cafe popping up in Cebu, it can be dizzying keeping up with each new one.

(I found a list from 032 here >>. But it's more geared for coffee shops great to do some work or task. There's another foursquare list but it was reviewing fraps.)

Coffee Connoisseur. But I just have to clarify that I'm not a connoisseur. I could not tell the different taste of different beans, nor know how it is roast, nor tell the difference between brewed and americano, etc etc. And, when I say coffee, the fraps are not included.

3-in-1. I was a 3-in-1 fan, and that brewed coffee / americano coffee are just fancy instant coffee, and when I get Starbucks, it should be frap because why would I drink a different version of instant coffee in a fancy place.

On the other thought, I think I started loving coffee from a cafe at this "coffee shop" in Baseline back in college days. I forgot the name. But I love the high I got from Americano which hit just so differently that of Dunkin Donut coffee. Back then, coffee shop was not a thing in Cebu. I don't think Bo's already existed.

Cafe. I always find cafe place dreamy. I guess I fell in love first with the cafe over coffee.

Book. I came to understand coffee, not the instant one, when I read "Pour your Heart into it" by Howard Schultz, founder of Starbucks. Though, I think that book was probably a marketing of Starbucks but it's a great read. If you want non-fiction, business-y, start-up-y but not so technical, "Pour Your Heart Into It" is probably something that will not be so much painful to read.

Superficial. So yeah I think, my being coffee-ist is superficial. And, that will be how my list, #cebucoffeeproject, will be.

And, hopefully, this will not be only the post I will make. You know how I can be good at starting but not at maintaining it.

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