Jan 24, 2014

I'm a business... mean!

I was in a group of businessmen. Real businessmen. They probably have business parents, grow up talking about business, have business friends who are kids of businessmen, etc etc. While I grew up being their business.

But at that time, they talked to me asking about internet.

As real businessmen, they definitely know how to make money out of the internet.

While, I do know internet like every detail of Kris Aquino's love life, I do not know business. And in a group who lives and breathes business, there's just no way I could pretend and talk my way out like how Kris Aquino can make a president out of anyone.

I felt out of place, and think are they really sure they want to talk to me?

But on the other thought, while they speak of their grand idea of their business online but has a hint that they're lost of how to go around it, I was for a moment feeling holding a secret key they do not know.

Maybe, internet is indeed an equalizer -- like a fake Kris Aquino may be more amusing than the real one.

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