Sep 10, 2013

14 Years Ago Today

... I made "ilad" this guy, and he lives happily ever after.

Happy 14th f**kin' anniversary!!! :)

14 years ago today, we were seated at browngate. This guy asked permission if he can "court" me. And, in my mind I was like "what should I do when my guy crush courted me?!? Make pa cute2x? Wait for balloons & flowers, which I was not fond of??" So as not to make it complicated and avoid #thatawkwardmoment,  I made a deal with him that he skip the courting process, let's just become "in a relationship" status right away (there was no friendster or facebook yet at that time, only IRC. He was @markjeee, I was @owrange.). I mean it was my chance, might as well grab it, tie it, and box it before it could get away.

And, then that was it! In less than 10minutes, we are "shuta" already. Probably, the best decision he made in his whole life, if ever he has one! :)

Indeed there were no balloons, nor chocolates, roses, and other "romantic" gestures. The closest romantic act he did to me was giving me a gift of computer speakers. And, I had to act so surprised and delighted; while in my mind i was thinking, "what the eff?!! Where should I put this junk?!!"

Anyhoo, happy 14 years of convenient relationship! :) We're not a match made in heaven. But it's owkei, who
needs heaven with you and I together! :)

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