Sep 4, 2013

fangirling over kindle paperwhite

So I got the 41st kindle unit of Carebears. And, I love it! 

After all the different kindle versions I had borrowed, this one is now for keeps! Honestly, there was not much difference (except for as heavy as bricks DX) from the other version except for the light which I badly want to have because I'm fond of reading in the dark. Thus I stick with kindle apps in ios / android mobile devices but the bad thing about it is that the other apps are always making "kuhit" me, I ended up making "tambay" in other apps. 

There's something about darkness, and silence like I'm buried in the words of the author, or being taken into a different world.
Now if only I could figure out how to throw the saved articles from instapaper, and the blogs I followed to this Jeff Bezos' device, I'll be over the moon! Too lazy to tinker.

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