Mar 25, 2014

8 dimsum steamed rice + xx trips to toilet + xx threats = passports

When we arrived, they're already hungry.
Finally, at around 2pm, photos were taken.
And these! Mati commented he and migi look similar.
I did not go thru travel agency because they said that kids will be prioritized, no more queuing for priority numbers. And, this is true but still with minors and senior citizens mixed up, there can still be a lot of people in your line. 

And, it has no absence of drama. This lola with her apo were trying to do some ninja moves. I would have no problem letting her go first except that she was just being rude on top that she was bringing with her her apo. And she knew how to spin tales to make others look bad. 

So going thru a travel agency will still be worth it! :)

If you plan to DIY, bring another adult w/ you so someone can stay behind to listen to dfa staff when your turn will be called while you're away when kids need to toilet, get food, etc.

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