Mar 6, 2014

Old Habits. New Roadie Shoes.

The sales staff at TAF told me that size 9 would probably just fit me because they ran out of 8. 

In my mind, I was thinking if don't i look like someone who runs? Because seriously, you do not do that to someone who runs for some time because running shoes is something you do not compromise on. 

Anyhoo,  this is quite not a good decision because 3 more sleep to race day of AWUM. But old pair is just a few meters away of "holing." 

I kept on delaying buying new one because i was hoping to get a deal ar HK. But unfortunately, this pair was more expensive there plus sports brands stores there are more of into street fashion kind of displays. Yes, it was disappointing. 

So first thing to do after getting a new shoes, remove the insole! :) Because i want to get closer to the ground. 

I could say that using shoes w/ a bit of cushioning on roads feels much better over the thin-soled barefoot merrell for me. Or maybe I got used to it.

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