Mar 22, 2014

Ambitions: from nothing to infinity

For 3 weeks, mati's form for his yearbook had not been submitted as the ambition field is still empty. Apparently, the teacher would not accept "nothing" as mati's ambition.

Every day for 3 weeks, it had became a drill of asking him what's his ambition. For 3 weeks, mati was consistent of saying "nothing." He said his plan was just play games on tab s3 (ps3) and sleep.

They say kids follow what they see from the parents. And so I felt like should I be alarmed? 

Anyhoo, we just let him be. I mean don't we all aspire to have that kind of life? Nothing. 

Finally this week, Ate Mona was happy to announce to us that Mati had finally came up with an ambition -- FISHERMAN! She's just relieved that finally they could pass the "yearbook" form. I think Ate Mona was so concerned that Mati would not have a yearbook.

Then one time during breakfast, Mati asked what is an engineer because all his boys classmates' ambition is engineer. So he also wanted to be one.

So this week Mati decided his ambitions are fisherman and engineer.

Meanwhile, Meg wants to be a teacher. I wonder what happened to her "librarian" dream. And that Miggy learns to IG.

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