Mar 27, 2014

Negros Occidental / Sipalay Day 1: are we there yet?

(This trip is for the Sipalay Ultramarathon March 29, 2014
So this is our room in Takatuka Lodge, Sugar Beach, Sipalay.

But before we landed in this jungle-looking room ( i wonder what freud thinks of this room w/ trunks & sword everywhere), it felt like I tour the whole cebu island.

Thing was I thought Sipalay is just like 2 hours away from Bacolod so I was confident of picking to land in Silay/Bacolod airport. But as travel date got nearer, it was just then we realized that it's actually 200KM away. It's like from tip to tip of Cebu. :| 

(Silay. I like Silay's "antique" look. It's like Vigan though I havent been there.)
So instead of staying for a night in Bacolod, we skipped it, and rode a bus right away to get us to Sipalay.
(Jeepney ride to bacolod)
Hinoba-an is the bus to Sipalay.
Once we got inside the bus, that's basically our first day here in Negros -- at the very front seat of the bus. 

From the very peak of the day...
Then, sky gets orangey...
And darker...
And darkest, my butt was still stuck in Ceres bus.
Are we there yet?!?
Finally after 6 hours, we landed in Sipalay. But had to take yet a tricycle to the mini "pier" because we needed to take a boat to the Sugar Beach.

It was dark. But with the stars on full blast at the sky, it was a nice way to end the day.
And, yes, with a zoo or safari plus swords themed room. It's like a setting for a p@rn movie.

On hindsight, it was better that we stay a night in bacolod, at least we get to spend the afternoon roaming bacolod. Then took an early bus trip to sipalay.

On our way home, we're thinking of taking dumaguete / san carlos route, and just forego our flight back home.

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