Mar 3, 2014

HK 4: So why travel?

(Photos from celphone.)

Wednesday was the day we transferred to Lantau Island from the Hong Kong Island. But before we proceeded to Lantau, we made a side trip to Lamma Island. We were like "island hopping."

Is it because HK is small or they just have very convenient transportation set-up that going to places is easy?
(Mark in his new "HK" look; me in my old look.)

We left our baggages at the Subway Station in IFC.

Breakfast at Cafe Habitu, which I think was so-so.

Then proceeded to their "pier."

(Selfie at the pier because it was t-shirt. Finally, on our 4th day, it got warmer. I realized that dressing for cold weather can be such a pain.)
"What am I doing here? This is like going to Badian or any rural area of Philippines?" was my first thought upon landing in Lamma Island.
So it made me think again about "why do people travel?" To know that there's nothing really special in other places, or that all places are special just like the place I came from.

To know that we're not totally at all similar.
Bike as part of their commute life.
Lamma has stores after stores of trinkets but they don't allow photos so i have not much.

they're obsession with cats
"flushing" technique
turks in the island

 trekking is something usual for them
 they really have a big thing for their cats
 word play
 dog litter place

So why travel?


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