Mar 17, 2005

my husband is blogging

can you believe that? well, he is. and he's posting pictures of me (taken by him) in some awkward positions (not what you think, of course) and also awkward faces.

he's been nagging me to tell my friends (accdg. to him, he has not that much of friends) about his blog so he'd get a lot of traffic. of course not, i'm not crazy, unless he'll get rid of my pictures. but honestly, i just can't share to other people the other side of my BNH. because he's way too corny, and he might reveal some awkward stuff in his blog which my friends may find eew eew. =)))

i'm just so surprised that he has some liking for this kind of stuff. you know i find blogging a bit mushy/sappy. and it's so not my husband.

one day, i might give in and beg you people here to visit his blog. you don't have to read his posts. just visit it for the traffic. =)))

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