Mar 31, 2005

pregnancy update

3+ months preggy on this picture. my tummy is already big. but i doubt it's the baby that makes my tummy big. it's just fats! fats from my first pregnancy and my stocked unburned fats! for all we know, the baby at 3 months is just as big as your thumb. but stilll, i have the reason to be fat and big and eat a lot because i'm pregnant! how i wish, i could just deliver my baby healthy and well now so i don't have to go through the exhausting 9 months!

based on my previous ultrasound, my expected due date is sept. 10, which is like exactly 1 year and 1 month after miguel's delivery. miguel was born on aug. 10, 2004. so i talk to my OB about having it on sept. 10 so that miguel and the new baby will have the same date for monthly check up. practical right? but my OB said how about sept. 8 because it's Mama Mary's birthday! so i think we're going to have a baby MARIA soon. how about MARIEA, to add some twist to the name! =))) but definitely not MARIAH! =))) that's if we're going to have a girl.

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