Mar 31, 2005

the holy thursday to easter sunday get away!

we went home to badian, tagging along an officemate with her family. for some get-away from the city and also for the good friday family tradition at home! we host dinner for the (acting) apostles after the "prusisyon". well, it was originally my lola's sort-of offering which then her sons and daughter-in-laws took over then when she was too old to do the preparations. and, missing it and not being home at that day is like committing a major crime!

and, the pictures! it's in my BNH's computer, and i don't know how to extract them and post them in here without him posting it first on their server! mind you, we do not have a telephone line at home! i'm never going to get one because my BNH is notorious with internet usage! so you think i'm typing this now at work? then just keep your answer to your self. =)))

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