Mar 14, 2005

of norah jones and gerber baby foods

i first heard of norah jones way back in college (i think so). she was a big hit, right? with all the grammy awards. but i was never into her music. well, i was never into jazz (so my taste for music is cheap).=) hehehe. and just recently, i hear bits of her songs played and i was like, "cool!" so i nagged my BNH (boyfriend now husband) to download some mp3 (sorry, i'm a theft, i patronized pirated) of norah jones. and so, i'm loving it and also my baby!

eeewwww, i just hate those gerber baby food products, the one in jars not the boxed cereals. it's no wonder miguel spit them all out! i'm amazed at some babies, miguel's cuz, who love gerber! i tasted them before giving them to miguel, and i find them yuck. but i give them to miguel anyway because i thought infants have different taste buds so he might like it. but he does not. i don't remember he was able to finish a spoonful of it. so our ref was like filled with opened gerber jars but not empty.

i tried different flavors of gerber in trying to find the delicious flavor but now i give up. i'm never going to buy any of those! i think all gerber bay food in jars flavors suck! just plainly eeewww... but the worst flavor for me is the carrots, i didn't even bother to give it to miguel. the noodle-chicken flavor was also major yuckkkk! just thinking of it makes me puke. good thing i don't have to buy them, saves me money!

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